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    Rent your holiday home

    If you are lucky enough to own a holiday home in beautiful Dordogne, consider renting it out when you are not there. Renting out your French holiday home can not only help cover the cost of ownership, but can also provide a nice income. Here are some tips to help you better benefit from renting out your holiday home in Dordogne.

    1. Start with a clear plan:

    Decide in advance how many weeks a year you want to rent out and when you want to keep the house for yourself. Also consider the target audience – whether you want to target families, couples or groups.

    2. Insure your property:

    Make sure you have the right insurance cover for holiday rentals. This will protect you from any damages tenants may cause.

    3. Make your home attractive to tenants

    Make some improvements to make the house more attractive to tenants. This includes having a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable beds, a nicely furnished living room and a well-kept garden. Also consider adding amenities such as Wi-Fi, a washing machine and a BBQ.

    4. Make a detailed rental agreement:

    Make sure all your rental agreements include all the details and rules of the rental, such as payment terms, cancellation policy, house rules and contact details.

    5. Promote your holiday home:

    The success of your holiday rental also depends on how well you promote the house. Consider advertising your holiday home on well-known holiday rental websites or social media sites. Provide professional photos and an attractive description of the house and its surroundings.

    6. Consider a holiday home management company:

    Consider hiring a local holiday home management company to take care of things like cleaning, key handover and maintenance. Maisonsupport can help you. Although there is a cost for this, it can save you a lot of time and stress.

    Renting out your holiday home in Dordogne can be an excellent source of income. With some planning and strategic thinking, it can be an enjoyable and profitable venture. And best of all? You still have your own French retreat to enjoy whenever you want.

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