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Your one-stop shop office for pools, gardens, property management and maintenance
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Your one-stop shop office for pools, gardens, property management and maintenance
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Your one-stop shop office for pools, gardens, property management and maintenance
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House management and maintenance

Maisonsupport helps keep your home in excellent condition all year round.

We visit regularly to check and resolve any problems.
We can arrange set times and days to visit your home or respond to alarms triggered by your automated system – whatever you want.
We can also help with administrative tasks, such as forwarding your mail or helping you rent out your property.

Our standard services

We take care of your vacation home all year round, so you don’t have to worry about it.
We make sure that your house is always in good condition and even if you rent it out, we are the point of contact for your tenants.

If you rent out your home with a pool, it should look beautiful with clean water.
We will make sure your pool looks great all season so your guests can enjoy the pool.
We will also take care of opening and closing the pool each season.

Your garden needs weekly maintenance, think of the grass, but pruning is also very important for a beautiful garden.
But even in winter maintenance continues such as removing leaves and branches.

With us, you can choose and or terminate each service individually. Our contracts are open and transparent and in your own language.

Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.

But we do even more

In addition to our standard work, we do much more.

We are happy to help you install your new Internet provider.
As a former Ziggo technician, we have the experience to connect your TV and Internet quickly and professionally.
Let us take care of the technical issues for you and quickly enjoy your internet and TV services.

We offer help with leaks, outdoor faucet installation and other plumbing jobs.
With enough experience and knowledge, we can handle any job.
For large jobs, we hire an expert.
Feel free to contact us for reliable and professional service.

Pests such as wasps and mice can cause a nuisance in vacant homes and cause tenant dissatisfaction.
We can effectively control these pests with our knowledgeable and experienced staff who have the right tools.
With our periodic inspections and protection, you can be confident that your property will remain free of annoying nuisances.

We offer a suite of smarthome products to make your home even smarter.
With comprehensive installation and setup services, you can enjoy the endless possibilities of smart cameras, thermostats and more.
Contact us today to enter the world of smarthomes!

We take care of the entire rental experience for you!
From coordinating cleaning to communicating with tenants, we take care of everything for you.
Your investment is safe with us and we make sure every step of the rental process is perfect.
Relax and let us take care of everything!

We arrange painting for your vacation home, interior and exterior.
We will paint your home using the best products and techniques within your budget and schedule.
Contact us today for an appointment and enhance the beauty and value of your home.

We use an advanced drone to photograph and film your home for your websit, inspections and scenic images from all angles.
With our premium equipment to capture your home from all angles and exceed your expectations.
Contact us today to schedule your session and receive stunning images of your home.

We can handle small electrical jobs, but for larger jobs, we hire qualified electricians to ensure safety and quality standards.
We strive to provide quality work and comply with safety protocols and regulations.

Protect your home with our high-quality camera systems, professionally installed by our experts with years of experience.
Choose from our wide range of options for a solution that fits your personal needs and budget.
Let us help you make your home safer.

Because cleaning is not our core business, we partner with Tout Propre in Masclat.

Are you looking for cleaning for your vacation home during the season?
Then contact Tout Propre via email for more information:

Contact us

+33 (0)7 4444 92 82

Address: Les Conques, 46200 Lacave (Lot)