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About us

Haarlem, August 2019
Together with my girlfriend Florence we will move to the Dordogne in 2021 to build a new future.

I almost grew up in the Dordogne because my parents had a holiday home there and that’s how the love for the region came about. About 10 years ago I already lived in the Dordogne so actually it is a return home here. Florence has experience on an organizational level and will then take on this role. Together we are here in the Dordogne 2nd homeowners help with the management and maintenance of their holiday home.

In our spare time we like to travel and see the world. Discovering new countries and soaking up culture. But also more of France and the Dordogne discover that is also on our wish list. Besides Maisonsupport we also manage the website, (almost live) a website for a wonderful family holiday in the Dordogne.

The strength of Maisonsupport is that we have a large local network of professionals with whom we can carry out all kinds of jobs and assignments. We work for Dutch, English and Germans. We speak Dutch, English and French.

The activities and services are very diverse. Actually, we do everything necessary to keep a holiday home in top condition. We manage your house and pool 365 days a year with pleasure and passion, as if it were our house. During the season we maintain the house, the garden and the swimming pool. And in the winter we maintain and monitor your holiday home and check it regularly.

In short, your second home is our concern. We like to see you as a customer. If you have any questions or want to know more please check our website, or contact us.

Roy en Florence Domme