The preparations for the start of Maisonsupport
August 2019:

The bullet is through the church, we go to the Dordogne. Now the preparations really start. The website is almost finished and the first appointments are already on the agenda to visit new customers for the season 2020. For me it’s a return in the Dordogne, but for Florence my girlfriend it’s new but she’s looking forward to it.

At the end of October I will go to the Dordogne for a few days to visit customers and I will also look for a house to live in. We still have some time, but I do want to find a nice location to accommodate our company. We are looking for homeowners who outsource the complete management and maintenance of the property to Maisonsupport, this can be gardening, pool management, job work and assisting the tenants and much more.

The real work will start before the start of the new season in 2020, a date is not yet known that will depend on a number of customers when they want it then we will start the management.

But first set up or take over a customer base and then we can start planning exactly. In the Netherlands, we also first have to deal with matters such as my work here. I will regularly post reports on the progress of our company and its plans. If you are interested in our services please contact us.