7 June Maisonsupport operational

  • 1 min read

6 June 2021 we will move all the way to the Dordogne, or rather the Lot. As the house we want is not yet habitable, we will temporarily move to Lacave. From this address we will start maisonsupport and help clients with the management and maintenance of their holiday homes in the Dordogne and the Lot.

At the moment we already have a number of clients who we will be helping with the rental and management of their holiday home. As the tourist season is about to start again in France, Florence and I will be busy enough. But we always have room for more holiday homes so if you are still looking for a manager, please contact us, we will make you an offer without engagement.

Besides the management of holiday homes, we are also the address for maintenance, such as carpentry, painting, and everything else that needs maintenance.

We hope to see you in the Dordogne. Keep following us and subscribe to our newsletter.